Almost to the Fun Stuff -- Diver 2 Progress Update.

Just a quick posting of where things are with Diver 2.

I had to add one more thing to my list that I forgot to add originally.  I needed to build the web page to host the game and decided to clean up the rest of the site a bit as well.  I’m working on that now and I’m close to done.

After that, it’s nothing but the fun stuff… making levels!

Here is the updated progress list.  The crossed out items are things I decided to cut in the interest of time.


To Do:

  • Design/Create 30 new levels

  • Create new landing page with spinner on it.

  • New video trailer

    • Possibly see if someone would like to help with this as I suck at making vids.
    • Could give away early access to the game in trade.
    • Got a couple people interested in doing this. (great!)

Working On It:

  • Cleanup website


  • Add support for Google analytics

    • Number of dives started
    • Number of succeful divers
  • Update the render loop to use CompositionTarget instead of Storyboard. (Thanks Silverlight 3)

  • Look into local storage code to make sure it’ll work with the new version of the game.

  • Reduce the game foot print on the screen. (Currently takes up to much space vertically)

  • Refactor load-level logic to reduce duplicate code

  • Implement spinners to be built using a Canvas + child paths.

    • Utilize multiple geoms per body.
    • Canvas = Body
  • Make diving boards configurable from Expression Blend.

    • Create a bare-bones custom control with some simple properties that can be read out in code
  • Enable GPU acceleration (thank you Silverlight 3)

    • Particles
    • Diver
    • Spinners
    • H20
  • Try updating to Farseer Physics Engine 2.x (Diver is currently built on an old version of the engine)

    • Thoroughly test everything in the game.
    • If the upgrade doesn’t go well stick with existing version of engine.
  • Trees/Plants (non-interactive only.) time permitting.


-Jeff Weber