New Silverlight 3 Book Uses Farseer Physics

Gaston Hillar recently contacted me to let me know about a recent book he’s written that uses the Farseer Physics Engine. (I built the Farseer Physics Engine a few years ago and have since handed it off to Ian Qvist, who has been running it for the past year or so.)


Here’s a link to the book on Amazon: 3D Game Development with Microsoft Silverlight 3: Beginner's Guide

Here is the description from Amazon:

A practical guide to creating real-time responsive online 3D games in Silverlight 3 using C#, XBAP WPF, XAML, Balder, and Farseer Physics Engine

  • Develop online interactive 3D games and scenes in Microsoft Silverlight 3 and XBAP WPF
  • Integrate Balder 3D engine 1.0, Farseer Physics Engine 2.1, and advanced object-oriented techniques to simplify the game development process
  • Enhance development with animated 3D characters, sounds, music, physics, stages, gauges, and backgrounds
  • Packed with inspiring, realistic examples offering impressive graphics, strong performance, and a rich interactive experience

Looks interesting and definitely worth a look.

-Jeff Weber