Done with Collison Categories, On To Force Controllers

This week, I finished up the collision categories feature and sample. Here are some screenies of the final demo for this feature.

CropperCapture[2] CropperCapture[3]


I've just started working on the next feature on my list, controllers.  Controllers in Farseer are simple objects for applying forces to an object or objects.   Springs are an example of a controller.  All controllers inherit from an abstract Controller class.  They then implement the "ApplyForces" abstract method however they see fit. 

Controllers can be used for springs, explosions, steering behaviors, gravity wells, or anything else you can dream up that involves applying forces over time to a body or bodies.

The first demo involving controllers will show off the different types of springs:

  • Linear: regular spring between two bodies
  • Angular: attempts to keep a certain angle between two bodies
  • Fixed: used to attach a body to a world position

I'm still trying to decide what to put in the demo, but here is an early screenshot.

CropperCapture[4] CropperCapture[5]

That's it for this week.

-Jeff Weber