Shall We Collide ?

Nothing really new to post.  I've been working on the new features and samples. Currently I'm working on the new collision categories feature.

I am borrowing the technique used by the ODE engine... modified slightly to be more .Net friendly.  Each Geometry can be set to be a member of up to 32 arbitrary categories. Each object can then define which categories it can collide with.

So for example say you defined your categories as such: Cat1 = Red objects, Cat2=Blue objects, Cat3 = Black objects.

You could then have a red rectangle geometry setup to be a member of Cat1 and able to collide with Cat2 and Cat3 objects.  This would mean the red rectangle would collide with blue and black objects but not other red objects....  This system would also let you set up categories for things like walls that everything could collide with etc..

It's a pretty flexible system for defining collision behavior amongst geometries.

I haven't actually implemented it in the engine yet but I do have it scratched out in a small test app and I have a start on the sample that will show how to use it. Here is a screenshot of that:


And here is one from the same demo that shows what things look like with the new PhysicsSimulatorViewer turned on.  I have everything turned on so the framerate kinda drops to a crawl. I wouldn't normally have the collision grid visible as it is the performance hog. The  draw code could stand a little tuning.  Here is the shot:


I'm still trying to get my to-do list off my white-board and into my computer so I can post it and let everyone see where things are at and what is left to do.

-Jeff Weber