Wanting to be done!

Just another quick weekly progress report. 

I'm done working on the new Joints (pin and slide). My "softness" implementation is still a bit suspect, but it's going to have to do for now as I don't have the time to dissect all the math. 

Now I'm moving down the list. Hopefully I can start knocking these items off a bit quicker than I have been.  I'm going camping this week (thur --> sun) though so I probably won't get much done till next week.

Here is the task list as it stands today:

  • Limited Angle Joint (Joint limits for the RevoluteJoint)
  • Pin Joint with softness (60% complete)
  • Slider Joint with softness
  • Max Contacts To Detect, Max Contacts To Resolve, Resolve Deepest First (just some ideas I have about handling contacts)
  • Rewrite/Cleanup Collide method
    • Replace collide event with callback/boolean return value (will allow the application to essentially cancel a collision)
  • Factory Objects
    • Make static classes
    • Overload as follows (If the simulator is passed in the object will automatically be added to the simulator prior to being returned. Just as a convenience)
      • Method(x, y, z)
      • Method(simulator, x, y, z)
  • Breakable Joints and Springs
  • Queue-up Added and Removed items and remove them when it's safe to do so.
  • Joint API (just some general clean-up of the Joint objects)
  • User Data Object
  • General code clean-up
  • Docs!
  • New LOGO! 
  • Website (bare-bones for now)
  • RELEASE!!!!!!!
  • Move on to my ultimate goal: Make some cool physics based games.