XBox 360 Performance Woes

I spent the last few days performance tuning Farseer for the XBox 360.

I was not planning to do any performance tuning until I had everything else done, however the latest sample I created forced me to do it now.

The sample simply demonstrates stacking a number of boxes into a pyramid. It worked great on windows with a fair amount of boxes. When I ran the sample on XBox, expecting to get much better performance, the sample came to a crawl

Long story short, I've been researching best performance practices for the compact .Net framework and implementing them in Farseer.  I still have a performance isssue on the XBox, but I think I know, finally, the cause. I'll be fixing it in the morning and then I'll know if I'm right.

Once the performance tuning is complete, I'll get back to implementing the rest of the features for the engine so I can get it released... and get back to making a game.