10k Diversion

I'm just about finished developing a re-usable high score web service and set of supporting controls to be used with the Silverlight games I create, including my latest game, Tire Storm.

It's going to have to wait. 

I have decided to take a crack at the Mix 09 10k challenge

I am a little late getting started (the callenge started Nov 20th) and I only get a couple hours per day development time, so I figure it's best to drop everything and get started pronto. The high score service and Tire Storm will wait.

So, what am I developing for the contest?  Well a game of course.  I have the concept thought out already, I'm just not sure it'll fit within the 10kb limit. (maybe if I use a REALLY small font! :-) )

I'm going to hold off on the details till I get something coded. It is a contest after all.

Now,  I wonder if I can build a 4kb physics engine....