Diver Update: Getting Close. . .

It probably seems like progress has stopped on the development of my game Diver.  It hasn't.  I've just been spending all my spare moments trying to get the game finished rather than writing blog posts.

I'm still working on Diver everyday.  I still only get 1.5 to 2 hrs. per day to work on it so progress is still slow but steady. 

So, where are things ?

  • I've got about 24 levels complete. They just need some final touches. (I decided there will be 30 total for this first release so I have 6 more to create)
  • Sound effects are done.
  • Ragdoll effects are complete. They add a LOT to the game. It's almost more fun to fail a dive and crash on the rocks than to make a good dive.  The Ragdoll effect kicks in if/when you break your neck so what ever you do protect the neck.
  • Re-worked the scoring display and next/previous level buttons
  • Tutorial levels are about 60% complete.  This is one of the things I'm really trying to get right.  The controls for Diver scare many people away... or send them away in frustration.  I'm pretty confident if I can get the tutorials right I'll retain a much larger percentage of players.

So, when will it be done?  No exact dates to announce, but I'm shooting for the end of this month.

Here are a couple screenies from the new tutorials


Here are a couple  from new levels.