Every Browser Has A Silver Lining

Diver is being developed for Microsoft's Silverlight platform.

What this means for those simply interested in PLAYING Diver:

  • Playing Diver will be pretty much the same experience as playing a Flash game
    1. Go to the Diver web site
    2. Install a small Silverlight plug-in if you don't already have it. (Similar to the flash plug-in)
    3. Play!
  • Unlike much of Microsoft's platforms, Silverlight is cross browser and cross platform.  It will be playable from IE, Firefox, and Safari on either Windows XP, Vista, or an Apple.  At some point in the future it will even be playable on Linux thanks to an open-source team of developers working on a Linux version of the Silverlight plug-in.

Some may cry foul about having to install a plug-in to play the game but rest assured Microsoft will be doing all it can to make the Silverlight plug-in as ubiquitous as the Flash plug-in. It will take some time, but I have no doubt they will get close to that kind of install base.

What this means for those interested in knowing the details:

  • As mentioned above, Silverlight can be considered Microsoft's version of Flash/Flex.
  • Silverlight 2.0 will be built on a subset of  Microsoft's .Net platform.
  • Diver will be built using C# and Visual Studio 2008
  • The beta of Silverlight 2.0 should be released sometime early this year.  At which point I'll release my first playable version of Diver.

Some may wonder why I chose Silverlight for Diver.  Why not Flash?  Well it's pretty simple. I've been a Microsoft developer for 9+ years now and I've used .Net since it was in alpha.  I like it, I know it, and I'm productive with it.  Flash (and Flex), on the other hand, I'm not familiar with. At least not from a developer stand-point. While I'm sure I could pick it up and learn it if I wanted to, I feel my time is better spent using tools and tech that I already know.

Plus, I see a good future for Silverlight and thought I'd get in on the ground floor!

Next week, I'll get back to talking more specifics about the game. I think I'll talk some about the physical scale of the Diver world.  And I'll have some new, better quality video previews.

-Jeff Weber