Farseer Physics Ported to Blitzmax by Alex Okafor

Alex Okafor of Parade Of Rain asked me a few weeks ago if I minded him porting the Farseer Physics Engine to Blitzmax.  Of course I said yes. The Farseer Physics Engine is open source after all and if Blitzmax users can make use of it then I think that's great!

Alex has a large chunk of the physics engine ported so far and is continuing to work on it.

Check out his blog post over on Parade Of Rain for more info, a video, and downloadable demo.

Special note: be sure to check out the latter part of the video. The first part of the video is just a recreation of the c# physics demos, but Alex has also added a new demo that does a great job of showing the Farseer Physics Engines ability to do concave shapes.

Here is a screenie I made using the concave demo! All the letters are fully collideable and were drawn in the demo..as you probably guessed by looking at them. :-)


-Jeff Weber