Introducing Diver

In my last post, I briefly mentioned Diver and provided some screenshots from a prototype.  Time to go into a bit more detail.

For clarity I should point out Diver is the name of the game as well as the name of the main character.

Diver is a game of skill.  The point of the game is to cliff dive from some start point, across various spring-boards and other obstacles, to some end point where you attempt to make a perfect Divers entry into the water.

The two primary goals are:

  1. Get to the end point.  I'm currently thinking this will be marked by two floating balls/buoys attached to the sea-floor by rope.
  2. Enter the water like a real diver would and get a good dive score.

While I think this game idea is somewhat unique as described, what really makes it different is it's game control mechanic.

If you ever played Ski Stunt Simulator, then you are familiar with the controls of Diver.  This game control mechanic, in my opinion is very under utilized. I have yet to find another game besides Ski Stunt that uses it to full affect.

Diver is controlled 100% by mouse movement and physics.  The position of the mouse on the screen maps directly to the Divers shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joint angles.  By simply moving the mouse you can make Diver crouch, bend back, bend forward, reach hand over head, and leap into a back flip. 

It's hard to do it justice with words, so here is a video from my prototype to hopefully make things more clear.  (The screen capture software funked up the colors a bit but you should still get an idea of the game play)

-Jeff Weber