Introducing Tire Storm (Sneak Peek)

While developing a farseeer physics water demo a couple months back, a game idea popped into my head.

It went something like this:

What if there were a log, or something, floating in the water, and on that log was a tire.  The tire could roll left and right but if it went to far either way it would fall off the log and sink to the bottom of the ocean.
Now, what if the weather got bad and the waves became rough.  How long could the tire remain on the log ?

Now, this is not the game I intended to work on next, but since my development team is an army of one (myself) it is quite flexible in deciding what to work on and when.

The game seemed fairly straight forward to develop and I liked the idea of being able to get something done quick so that my Physics Powered Games website would have more than one game available to play.

The game is called Tire Storm.  The core game is complete.  The only major thing left is to add a high-score system and beta-test everything.

I'm not quite ready to release anything playable yet but here are a few in-game screenshots.

I'll post again when I have something that can actually be played.


TireStormStartScreen TireStormSunnyScreen


-Jeff Weber