Krashlander Character and Landscape Preview

Krashlander has been moving along at a steady pace.  I just completed the guts of my landscape system and it’s working great so far.

I also did some graphical work on the main Krashlander character.  Nothing is final yet, but I like the look so far. Let me know what you think.

Here are some screenshots of the Krashlander character:

KrashlanderCharacter2     KrashlanderCharacter1

Here is a tech preview video:

Here is how the landscape system works at a high level:

  1. Use online editor to create in-memory path objects (online editor still needs to be developed)
  2. At save time, convert all Path objects to mini-language, string representations and dump them into an XML document that represents the state of a game-level.
  3. Save the XML document to either isolated storage or the cloud.
  4. At load time, read through the XML document and convert all mini-language strings to in-memory Path objects.
  5. Create a point list approximation of the Paths using the PathToPoint converter.
  6. Use the point list to initialize the landscape physics.

For those interested here is my little test harness for converting from path to points.  (This demo doesn’t have any of the physics stuff, this is JUST for testing the path to points.)  (I used code from here and here while developing this demo)

Now it’s time to start developing the online editor for Krashlander. This will not be a small task.  Should be fun work, though.

-Jeff Weber