Krashlander Update (Prototyping Roller-Skis)


As I mentioned in my last Krashlander post, Krashlander is inspired by an old favorite game called Ski Stunt Simulator.

While this is true, it is not my intention to simply clone Ski Stunt and call it a day.  The primary concept I’m borrowing from Ski Stunt is the control scheme.  Everything else in Krashlander, outside of some larger ideas and concepts, is yet to be prototyped and designed.

Prototyping Roller-Skis With Suspension

Last week I worked on prototyping a different sort of “ski”. My idea was to try something more like a roller-ski with suspension.  Here is the best example of a roller-ski I could find on the web. This one doesn’t have suspension but it looks pretty cool.


I quickly thru together a prototype and took a few runs down my crappy looking test landscape. (same landscape you saw in my 1st prototype video of Krashlander)

Here is some footage using the “roller skis” :

Prototype Results

While I still love the idea of roller-skis with suspension, so far they have not turned out to work as well as I’d have liked.

The roller-skis tend to reduce the amount of control you have.  They either bounce too much or they are too “soft” and it’s hard to do flips.  I have not been able to find a good set of parameters yet to give them the “feel” I want.

I haven’t made a final decision yet, but right now I’m leaning away from roller-skis with suspension. I’m going to remove the suspension and see how it feels with just the wheels.

The plan for next week

The Silverlight  3 beta came out last week and it has a number of new features I need to understand prior to continuing with Krashlander.  The feature I’m most excited about it the GPU acceleration. This should provide great performance boost when done right.

I’ll be spending next week porting my current Krashlander code over to Silverlight 3 and figuring out what needs to change to take best advantage of the new features.

Have a good week all…