Silverlight Game Engine Anyone?

Any good game development platform needs a game engine to extract away some of the repetitive, less exciting work required to build a game.

I have been wondering if anyone would build such an engine for Silverilght.  Well, someone is/has.

That person is John Kanalakis and company over at Envy Games. The game engine is called PlayBits.

I’ve been in brief contact with John and it sounds like they are very close to releasing at least a limited beta version.

It’s impossible to know right now how useful the PlayBits engine will be for making games, but judging just by the feature list, it certainly looks promising. (see below. This is copied from Envy Games website)


The PlayBits Game Engine for Silverlight 2.0

Looking for an easy way to create Games for the Web using the C# programming languag? The PlayBits Game Engine for Silverlight 2.0 is the answer. The PlayBits engine uses Microsoft’s Silverlight Web plug-in for Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox to render rich Web games. Your game code is implemented entirely in C# and XAML (the markup language used by Silverlight and WPF). The PlayBits game engine features rich support for making 2D games with 3D games on the way.


High-Speed Render Loop and Fixed-Step Game Update Loop
Powerful Scene Graph with Scene Loading & Unloading
Component System for Modular Game Design
Physics System with Rigid Collision Support and Math Helpers
An Efficient Resource Manager for Keeping Memory Consumption Down
Multi-Layered Rendering with dynamic Sort Ordering
Connect Scene Objects Together with Object Mounting
Flexible Particle Effect System
Dynamic Input Manager to Dynamically Shift Game Control
Flexible Input Support for Keyboard, Mouse, and Ink
Event Scheduler and SceneObject Trigger
Seamlessly Integrate Silverlight Graphical User Interface Elements
Integrated Event Logging with Framerate Metrics Capture
Custom SceneObject Type Assignment and Comparison
Rich Media Support for Integrated Photos and Videos
Multiplayer Networking Support
Localization and Multiplatform Support via Silverlight
Local Data Storage for Saved Game States
Optional High Score and Game Data Cloud Storage Support

Game Objects

Static Sprites, Animated Sprited, Scrolling Sprites
Object Templates and Spawners
Tilemap and Tiles
Chase, Avoid, and Path-Following AI

Game Types

Create a wide variety of game types, including:
Arcade Classic Games
Side-Scrolling Games
Isometric Games
Racing Games
Sports Games
RPG-Adventure Games
Real-Time Strategy Games

Game Level Design

Game level design is accomplished with Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5 for Windows XP /Vista and Mac OS. Game code is written within Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, or it’s FREE counterpart Visual C# Express 2008.

Developer Support

Primary Developer Support is available via online Forums. Product documentation and Developer Articles & Resources will be free available online at


Spring 2009
$299 Retail Price


-Jeff Weber