New Place To Upload Your Silverlight Games: Game Jolt

During one of my frequent internet surfing sessions I stumbled across a new game portal site called Game Jolt.


My first thought? Meh, another Flash portal….  Then I looked a little closer. I soon realized Game Jolt was not just another Flash site. In fact Flash is just one of the game platforms they showcase under the banner of “Online” games.  They also support downloadable freeware games, open source games,  and games hosted on other websites (think overview page with screenshots, video, and link to game)

Without a lot of hope, I decided to sign-up and try to upload a Silverlight game to the Online section.  I do this at just about all new game portals I come across and almost always the portal ends up only supporting Flash uploads.   Same was true this time.  No way to upload a Silverlight game to the “Online” section of the site.

So, I did what I always do. I emailed the Game Jolt crew and asked if they had plans to support Silverlight.  I never expect much from such emails. Usually I get a reply along the lines of “What’s a Silverlight” or “Sorry we only support Flash right now…”  

Not this time!  This time I got this:

You know, I actually totally forgot about Silverlight. We do plan to build out the Flash section into a Browser Games section, though. We'll be sure to allow developers to upload Silverlight games as well.

Hope you like the site so far. If you have any other questions or feedback, be sure to let us know.

David DeCarmine

Game Jolt

Fast forward 1 week and SHAZAM:

Tire Storm on Game Jolt!

At this point, some may be thinking what’s the big deal? You uploaded your game to another game-portal. So! 

It’s a big deal to me because game portals that support Silverlight games are few and far between.  There are only 4 that I know of (they were 1st) (very nice, very clean) (kinda busy… a little too cluttered for my taste)
and now 

On a side note, Game Jolt is also the first game portal I’ve come across that also supports Unity game uploads!

So, all you developers with Silverlight games looking for some exposure, head on over to Game Jolt and upload your game.   They have a revenue sharing option in the works as well so you may even be able to make a buck or two soon.

-Jeff Weber

(note: I have no affiliation with Game Jolt. I just like that they support Silverlight games)