New Krashlander Video and Building-Buzz

Anyone following the Farseer Games blog knows it's been pretty light on content lately. The issue is one of time. I find it difficult to pull away from my game development to make blog posts.

Game development = fun, writing long blog posts, not so much.

On top of that, for the last several months I haven't really had anything exciting to blog about. I've been busy wrestling B-Splines and writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing the core functionality of the krashlander online editor.

I've now tamed the B-Spline beast and have the krashlander editor in an alpha state where I can draw-up a simple krashlander "level" (think 2d landscape), press play, and ski down some hills, jump over crevices and krash like a pro! (see video below)

I decided now is a good time to break the blog-silence and stir up some buzz.

I currently get very little of development time each week (~12-14 hrs), but I decided it's still worthwhile borrowing a few of those hours and use them to blog about development, prepare and release video previews, and eventually release some playable demos/mini games.

So, starting next week, my Sunday and Monday night development sessions will be dedicated to those purposes. I may not always have a lot to say or anything to release, but at the very least I'll give a status upate to ensure everyone the game development is progressing.

To the visuals! Here is a quick, early look at the krashlander editor. (I recommend maximizing the video)


This is the editor I will use to build krashlander levels and eventually release for anyone and everyone to use.

Let me know what you think!

-Jeff Weber