Announcing Diver 31-60

A little over a year ago, I released my first finished game, Diver.


Diver - Released on Monday, September 15th 2008

I’ve received a lot of great comments about the game from players since then and it’s been a pretty steady driver of traffic to my Farseer Games website.  Nothing crazy, but I’m happy with the traffic so far.


Monthly Visitor Totals for Farseer Games Over the Last Year

Over the past year, I’ve had a lot of requests from players for more diver levels but haven’t had the time to create them.  I decided, on a bit of a whim a couple nights ago, to take a short break from developing my next game, Krashlander, and spend the time to finally make a new set of dives for diver.

I don’t know how long it will take me. Hopefully not too long since I don’t plan on modifying the code all that much.  I will post progress updates as I work through the new levels so you should be able to track how things are going.

If you have any ideas for cool diver levels, please sketch them on paper or in a graphics tool and send them (or a link to them) to my email address:

The new set of levels will be released as a new game called ‘Diver 31-60’.  Keep an eye out for it and please spread the word to any and all that you think might be interested.

Now, time to make some dives!

-Jeff Weber

Oh, and for those of  you waiting for Krashlander, don’t worry I’ll go right back to developing it once the new Diver levels are out.