Building New Krashlander Levels (Sneak Peak)

I’ve been working on some long overdue new levels for Krashlander lately.  My plan right now is to create 9 new levels for total of 24, then release them in an update. (More levels will come in future updates)

I just finished my first new level.  Since the new levels are a bit more difficult then the original levels they take a bit longer to build and test.  This first level took me about 8 hrs total to create and test. This, of course, is spread over several days as I only get about 1.5 hrs. a day to work on my games.

One more thing you may notice is that I’ve relaxed the need for “realism” in the landscape.  Many of the slopes and such are just “floating” in the sky.  This was done for 2 main reasons.  I get more performance because I don’t have to render quite as much, and it allows for more interesting and intricate levels.

Here is a sneak peak of the first new level.  The first image is what the level looks like as I build it out in a sort of wire-frame mode.  The 2nd image is what it looks like after I add all the graphics.


Wireframe view of level



Finished level (no background)