Developing Krashlander for Windows Phone 7 and the Web

About 2 months ago I blogged that I was jumping back into XNA to build a game or two for the XBox 360 Indie Games platform.

Things change quick these days.  Shortly after I made that post and started digging back into XNA, Microsoft announced details of their new Windows Phone 7 and caused me to stop and re-evaluate my direction.

I’ll spare the details and just sum some things up.  I decided I wanted to create a game for the new phone.  I went back and forth on whether to use XNA or Silverlight.  In the end I chose Silverlight because I like the platform and tools and I love working with vector graphics.

What game am I developing?

This one:


I’m also going to try something to keep myself blogging more frequently.  I’m going to take a lesson from twitter and force myself to write no blog posts longer than 1000 characters.   I’m very close to that now, so time to wrap it up.

In future blogs, I’ll try to go into more detail on the development of Krashlander. 


(~975 characters not counting these.)