My Official Request for a Windows Phone 7 Developer Device

Note: This post is directed toward the Windows Phone 7 developer team.  It’s a shameless plug for my games and myself so that I might be chosen to receive one of the highly sought after Window Phone 7 developer devices.

Hello Window Phone 7 team, my name is Jeff Weber.  I’m a team-of-one Silverlight game developer and I’d like to officially request early access to one of the Windows Phone 7 developer kits. 

Immediately below is a short intro to the game I’m currently working on and beyond that are some of the things I’ve worked on in the past that show my commitment to Silverlight, Silverlight Games, and now Silverlight Games on Windows Phone 7.

My Windows Phone 7 Game

I’m currently deep into development of a Silverlight game for Windows Phone 7 called, Krashlander.  It is a physics based game that will be controlled entirely by touch-gestures. 

Videos speaks louder than words, so here is video of an early prototype:


Since this game relies heavily on well-tuned touch-based gestures, I will need an actual physical phone device in order to complete the game development for the Windows Phone 7 launch.

I think Krashlander has potential to be a viral hit and I think it’ll show off Windows Phone 7 well.

My dedication to Silverilght Game Development

Below is a list of the things that show my dedication and passion for all things Silverlight/Microsoft.

Silverlight Games: Diver and Diver 2

Diver and Diver 2 are by far my two most successful Silverlight games.  A version of Diver for Windows Phone 7 is definitely in the plans.

  • Here is the video trailer for Diver 2. (It uses the same gesture based control that I’ll be using for Krashlander:
  • Diver and Diver 2, combined, have been played over 600,000 times (based on page views). That translates to quite a few Silverlight plug-in installs by the online games community.




Silverlight Game: Tire Storm

Tire Storm is a more casual game that will also be ported to Windows Phone 7.  It’s biggest claim to fame, in my mind, is that it’s the only (I think) Silverlight game currently on the very popular online games portal, Kongregate


Farseer Physics Engine

I was the original developer of the Farseer Physics Engine.  The engine was originally developed for the XNA platform by myself and later ported to Silverlight by Bill Reiss.

The Farseer Physics Engine has been used in many projects across the web and the XNA Indie Games community.

While I have since handed off the ongoing development to a very capable group of developers from the community, I remain a heavy user of the engine and I think it has done a great deal of good for the XNA and Silverlight community.

Final Pitch

I am and have been a loyal Silverlight game developer with unique game ideas.  I plan to target Window Phone 7 for all my games going forward. 

As a lone-developer with big ideas, please consider me for a Windows Phone 7 developer device. 

If you have any questions, comments or advice for me, please contact me via one of the following.

Twitter: @jeffweber

Thanks for your time,

Jeff Weber