Krashlander: Numbers

I’ve been meaning to make a Krashlander numbers post for some time now.  I think Krashlander has finally peaked in terms of popularity on the Windows Phone Market place so now seems a perfect time for such a post.

In order to give the numbers some context here is a quick history for Krashlander on the Windows Phone Marketplace. 

The paid version of Krashlander was released around October 20th, right about the time the U.S. Windows Phone launched.  It was released as a 99 cent game.  The paid version quickly climbed to be one of the most popular indie games in the marketplace (Indie meaning non-XBox Live)

On Feb 22nd, I released Krashlander Free.   Krashlander Free peaked at, I think, the #2 spot for free games in the marketplace and #7 for apps/games combined.

Krashlander Free was a full version of the game with ads.  I did not try to up-sell players from the free version to the paid version as the free version seemed to bring in more per-person than I would get from a 99 cent sale.  The paid version was really more for those that just really didn’t want to see the ads.

As you will see in the charts, Krashlander Free really cannibalized the paid version but numbers-wise I think it was worth it.

Overall I’ve been very pleased with the Krashlander numbers.  Windows Phone is just getting started and if these numbers scale anywhere close to linearly with phone sales then I think it’ll be a great place for developers to make some money.

On to the numbers.


Krashlander Paid (10/19/2010 to 05/19/2010)



Krashlander Total Daily Downloads (Including Trials)


The above chart shows total daily downloads.  This chart does not represent purchases because trials are included in the numbers above and not everyone that downloads the trial ends up purchasing the game.  The spike you see occurred when Krashlander was featured in the marketplace.

The actual numbers for the paid version of Krashlander break down as follows:

Total downloads (including trials): 21,147

Total purchases: 4,477 (I get 70% of that which is $3133.00)

Conversion rate : ~21%


Krashlander Free (2/22/2011 to 5/19/2011)



Krashlander Free Total Daily Downloads

As you can see, Krashlander Free has substantially more daily downloads than the paid-with-trials version of the game.

Since this is a free game, the downloads give no indication of revenue. Microsoft’s Pub Center is what I used for serving ads in Krashlander Free. Here are the revenue charts for that. (Note, I’m purposefully not showing impressions and/or eCPM as I believe that is against the terms of Pub Center)


Krashlander Daily Ad Revenue

This chart requires a bit of explanation. 

The beginning of the chart is very low due to a bug with my Pub Center account.  A couple weeks in March were really high do to what I can only assume were inflated eCPMs.  The rest of the chart is a bit more “normal” in my mind.

Total downloads: 187,298

Total Revenue from ads: $15,011.37


Krashlander Free and Paid Totals

So, combining things here is what things look like.

Total downloads (Free, Trial, and Paid): 208,445

Total revenue: ~ $18,144.00

There you have it, all my numbers… well almost.  I actually also made some money from a special promotion deal with LG.  The contract does not allow me to disclose the amount, but lets just say it was a solid number.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post. If these numbers scale with the phone sales, which I think should start to take off when Nokia gets in the game, then Windows Phone is going to be a great place for developers.


What’s Next?

Mango! That's what’s next. Smile  I’m currently working on the framework that will be used for my next few games.  Certainly a Krashlander sequel will be one of them.  I’m targeting sometime close to the Windows Phone Mango release this fall.

-Jeff Weber