Fat Penguin! Numbers.

After porting Krashlander - Ski, Jump, Crash! to both Android and Windows Phone, it was time to FINALLY start a new game.

My original plan was to start working on a remake of Diver, a game I made a long time ago on what is now out-of-date technology. (more on that in a future post).  I knew the Diver remake would be a large undertaking and I kind of wanted to get something out a little quicker so I decided to remake a different very old game of mine called Tire Storm.  

My wife always liked the Tire Storm game play, so she was also encouraging me to remake it for Mobile.

Tire Storm is a very dumb name for a game so I knew I'd need a new name. I eventually came up with the idea of a Penguin on a chunk of ice. The penguin would need to be round for the mechanic to work and he'd need to sink if he fell in the water so it made sense that the penguin should be fat... to fat to swim.

With that, the name 'Fat Penguin' was a pretty obvious fit.

Fat Penguin starts with you floating on a chunk of ice in calm sea on a sunny day.  Quickly, the skies begin to cloud up and waves get larger. Your goals is simply to roll back and forth on the ice in an attempt to keep from falling in the water.  Best to just watch the video trailer below.  

The trailer was put together by my wife, Jamie. Pretty cool, right?

I initially released Fat Penguin on iOs with the plan to port it to Android and maybe Windows Phone if the iOS version did Ok.

So, how did Fat Penguin do?

I decided to make Fat Penguin a free game with occasional interstitial ads as that seemed to be the trend for mobile games.  (Really hated this because I hate ads in my games. Plus, I've never had anything but headaches implementing the ads and keeping the SDKs up to date.)

Here's what the downloads look like for 'Fat Penguin'

And, here is the $$$$ I made from the ads.

About $43.00

Really not much to get excited about. I have since just turned the ads off because they weren't really making me anything anyway.

I'm not sure why the game didn't do better. I'm sure it has something to do with my lack of marketting skill and the fact that the mobile games market is so saturated these days. Or maybe the game just isn't good enough to stand out.

Even though the game didn't do so well, I'm still glad it's out there. I think it's a fun game and it's good to have a 2nd game on iOS finally.

Fat Penguin! is free on iOS. Give it a go if interested!

Next, I'll finally start talking about my latest game! Stay tuned!