Remaking Diver!

A Little Diver History

Forever ago, in 2008, I released my first physics game.  The game was simply called "Diver".  Your goal in Diver was to jump off cliffs and enter the water cleanly between two buoys.  

Diver 1 - My First Finished Game

Diver 1 - My First Finished Game

Diver was followed up sometime in 2010 by "Diver 2".  Diver 2 was more of the same with some added obstacles and a bit more polish. 

In their day, these games, with their unique physics powered control scheme, pulled in a pretty good crowd of hardcore players. Those that liked it REALLY liked it.

Wow! This is just so cool! Im addicted. 
-antotabo (Fun-Motion forums)

Wow, just wow, awesome game. I just have one problem, though. It's punishing difficulty, I just barely got through the first level after the tutorials
-MrGreed (Fun-Motion forums)

AWESOME!!! I love it its great! 
-meow-muffin (Fun-Motion forums)

Some, however, thought it was too difficult.

this game is extremely difficult o.O
Gump (Fun-Motion forums)

Of the games I've developed to-date these Diver games are the games I'm most proud of.  The unfortunate thing about them, however, is they are built on an old and defunct technology. (Silverlight if you are wondering)

While it's still possible to play my Diver games, you have to jump through some pretty serious hoops to do so. I felt it was finally time to bring this game into the modern era.

Introducing The New Diver

The videos below are very early development so expect many changes as development progresses.

I still have a lot of work to do before this new version of Diver can be released, but I have been working on it in my spare time for about 6 months and I have most of the primary systems in place and working well.

My goal from here on out is to continue blogging/tweeting my progress with Diver. I'm hopping to attract some interest and start building a community around the game.  I also plan to do some sort of early access in the not to distant future.

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