Diver 2 Status: Done… and... Done!

Diver 2 is now finished and live on the Farseer Games website.

Special thanks to all the beta testers.  You were all a great help and the game is better because of your feedback.

Here is a link to play the game:


Here is the official video trailer:


Here are some screens:

GameLevel1 GameLevel2 GameLevel3 GameLevel4 GameLevel7







Here is what’s next for me?

I plan to spend most of this week getting the word out about Diver 2. (Marketing! yay! …sarcasm)

Once marketing is done I think I will take some time to experiment with the Push Button Engine.  I’d love to get some of my games running in Flash so they can reach more people.

I may also play around a bit with some ideas I have for possible future versions of Diver and/or Krashlander.

That’s it for now. 

Enjoy the game and spread the word!

-Jeff Weber

2 Down 28 To Go

I recently started building out the 30 dives that will make up Diver 2.  Things will hopefully move pretty quick now that level building is all that needs to be done.  Keep in mind though “quick” is a relative term when everything needs to be done in my spare time.   I hope to be able to average a level per day or so.

So far I have 2 levels complete… well almost complete.  I still need to create some new background images.  I’m tired of the existing three backgrounds from Diver 1

The 2 levels I have completed aren’t really anything too new.  Just some simple straight in dives to warm players up.  The next level I’m going to build will introduce the new “spinner” obstacle.  It’ll knock you around pretty good if you have the fortune of hitting one.

Anyway, here are some screenshots of the first 2 levels. 

Diver 2 (Dive 2-1)


Diver 2 (Dive 2-2)


Now, back to work…

-Jeff Weber