Diver 31-60: Developer To Do List

For those interested in tracking development of the next version of Diver, which I’m calling Diver 31-60, I thought I’d go ahead and post my somewhat informal list of things to do.

I put the tasks into categories based on where they are in the development process. Each task falls into either “To Do”, “Working On It”, or “Completed”.  You can think of this as a poor man’s scrum board.

Enough talk, here is the list. I’ll re-post this periodically as development progresses. (Note: these tasks are in no particular order.)

To Do:

  • Try updating to Farseer Physics Engine 2.x (Diver is currently built on an old version of the engine)

    • Thoroughly test everything in the game.
    • If the upgrade doesn’t go well stick with existing version of engine.
  • Create new landing page with spinner on it.

  • Enable GPU acceleration (thank you Silverlight 3)

    • Particles
    • Diver
    • Spinners
    • H20
  • Make diving boards configurable from Expression Blend.

    • Create a bare-bones custom control with some simple properties that can be read out in code
  • Trees/Plants (non-interactive only.) time permitting.

  • New video trailer

    • Possibly see if someone would like to help with this as I suck at making vids.
    • Could give away early access to the game in trade.
  • Look into local storage code to make sure it’ll work with the new version of the game.

  • Add support for Google analytics

    • Number of dives started
    • Number of successful dives
    • Levels stats
    • Anything else that seems worth tracking.
  • Design/Create 30 new levels

Working On It:

  • Implement spinners to be built using a Canvas + child paths.

    • Utilize multiple geoms per body.
    • Canvas = Body


  • nothing yet…

One thing you may or may not have noticed was mention of something I’m calling a “spinner”, for lack of a better term.  My original goal with Diver 31-60 was to simply make more levels and make near zero game-play changes. Shortly after I started designing the first non-diving board level, however, I decided I needed a way to add a little more variety. Something to mix things up a bit.

I thought about it for a while and decided to create a new diving obstacle.  I call it the spinner.

So what is a spinner?  Well you probably don’t have to thing very long to figure it out from it’s name, but just in case you can’t.  Here is a visual clue.  This is a screen shot of a spinner prototype, not an actual level.  I’ll show more in future blog posts.

Here is the screenshot:


Prototype of a “Spinner”

-Jeff Weber