Krashlander UI

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on the Krashlander UI.  My goal, as always, is to keep things simple.  I really liked the way the new Windows Phone 7 pivot control looked and felt, so I decided to use it as my primary UI.

Krashlander UI Demo

I’m very much down to brass-tacks on Krashlander.  The only outstanding items I have are:

  • Create the remaining 8 levels and tune them for performance and feel.
  • Add trial logic to entice players to purchase the game.
  • Create all the ancillary media for the marketplace and Windows Phone 7 menus.
  • Finish any other odds and ends that crop up while doing the 3 tasks above.

I won’t be able to tune the levels for feel until I get my hands on  another device.  Hopefully I can get hold of one prior to launch.  If somebody has one that they could part with for a week PLEASE let me know.

I’m really looking forward to getting Krashlander into some hands other than mine.  I think it’s a unique game and I’m anxious to find out what others think.


A Robot Loses His Head

I just posted a recent clip of actual gameplay from Krashlander.  Things are progressing well, I still have a bunch of levels to build and a UI to create (waiting for final build of WP7 controls), but all things considered, I’m happy with where things are.

Here is the video:
(Warning: If you are fond of robots I recommend you do not watch the end of this video.)

A Robot Loses His Head


To show how things have progressed, here is an old Krashlander video I made.

Very early Krashlander video


Jeff Weber

Touching Krashlander

I’ve been spending every spare moment I have getting Krashlander ready for the Window Phone 7 launch.  I decided today to take a few minutes away from development and put together a short video.

The following video shows how the touch controls for Krashlander operate.  Essentially, moving your thumb over the touch surface on the right controls the posture of Krashlander on the left.  There is a bit of math involved to get this working smoothly, but I think it’s pretty intuitive after a few minutes playing with it.

The overlay icons on the right are just there to help guide the user as they learn the controls.  Once comfortable, they can be shut off making for a better view of the game screen.

Enough jabber, here’s the vid:

One last note.  I actually scaled up the size of Krashlander for the video.  In actual gameplay, he/she will be a bit smaller.

-Jeff Weber

Look peeps, a krashlander level!

This is one of my first full size levels I put together for krashlander. This is what it looks like in Microsoft Blend, which I’m basically using as my level editor.

The green dot in the upper left is the starting point for krashlander (the main character of the game) and if you look close you can see the enemy robot on the other end.

The goal, at least as things stand now, is to destroy all robots!  Pretty simple, actually, if you can get to them. (evil smile…)


A krashlander level as seen from the editor (Blend)

Krashlander Character Control in Development

I’ve been working lately on the main character for krashlander.  The game is named after the main character.

Thought I’d throw out some sceenshots and a video to show how things are progressing.

Here is how things look in Expression Blend. I have some custom joint (blue circles) and rigid body controls (orange rectangles) that map to physics entities when the game loads.


Currently everything is rectangles, but I can define custom collision polygons for all the body parts.

Here’s a video of krashlander in action… keep in mind this is all just developer graphics.


That’s all for now… gotta get back to coding!

-Jeff Weber

New Krashlander Video and Building-Buzz

Anyone following the Farseer Games blog knows it's been pretty light on content lately. The issue is one of time. I find it difficult to pull away from my game development to make blog posts.

Game development = fun, writing long blog posts, not so much.

On top of that, for the last several months I haven't really had anything exciting to blog about. I've been busy wrestling B-Splines and writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing the core functionality of the krashlander online editor.

I've now tamed the B-Spline beast and have the krashlander editor in an alpha state where I can draw-up a simple krashlander "level" (think 2d landscape), press play, and ski down some hills, jump over crevices and krash like a pro! (see video below)

I decided now is a good time to break the blog-silence and stir up some buzz.

I currently get very little of development time each week (~12-14 hrs), but I decided it's still worthwhile borrowing a few of those hours and use them to blog about development, prepare and release video previews, and eventually release some playable demos/mini games.

So, starting next week, my Sunday and Monday night development sessions will be dedicated to those purposes. I may not always have a lot to say or anything to release, but at the very least I'll give a status upate to ensure everyone the game development is progressing.

To the visuals! Here is a quick, early look at the krashlander editor. (I recommend maximizing the video)


This is the editor I will use to build krashlander levels and eventually release for anyone and everyone to use.

Let me know what you think!

-Jeff Weber