Diver 2 Status: Done… and... Done!

Diver 2 is now finished and live on the Farseer Games website.

Special thanks to all the beta testers.  You were all a great help and the game is better because of your feedback.

Here is a link to play the game:


Here is the official video trailer:


Here are some screens:

GameLevel1 GameLevel2 GameLevel3 GameLevel4 GameLevel7







Here is what’s next for me?

I plan to spend most of this week getting the word out about Diver 2. (Marketing! yay! …sarcasm)

Once marketing is done I think I will take some time to experiment with the Push Button Engine.  I’d love to get some of my games running in Flash so they can reach more people.

I may also play around a bit with some ideas I have for possible future versions of Diver and/or Krashlander.

That’s it for now. 

Enjoy the game and spread the word!

-Jeff Weber