Distractions and a new Minamalist Skiing Game

The last time I posted here, I was deep into development of my new Diving game.  

I'm usually pretty good at resisting temptations to get distracted and side-tracked on other ideas. It's not easy but most the time I can resist.

This wasn't one of those times. I came to a point with Diver where I wasn't sure what direction to take it.  I could either go large and make this a huge game full of all the ideas I have bouncing around my head or scale back and keep it more focused and minimalist.  I since figure out the direction I'm going to take with Diver (more on that later), but at the time this indecision allowed another idea that had been percolating for a while to creep in.

The game is called "Just Ski". I describe it as a minimalist skiing game powered by physics.

Part of the idea for Just Ski came when I first fired up Desert Golfing on IOS.

When you start up Desert Golfing, there is no splash screen, no menu, no buttons.... just THE GAME!  It was awesome and refreshing.

What I've attempted to do with "Just Ski", is invoke that same feeling but with skiing instead of golfing. Here is what "Just Ski" looks like when you open it.

Like Desert Golfing: no menus, no text, not buttons... just a small indicator to hint at the player how to control the skier.  When the player touches the screen... off they go. 

As you can probably see, Just Ski is a mashup of my game Krashlander with Desert Golfing.

The visual design for Just Ski comes from, of all things, a video for the Microsoft Band.  

Originally, I was going to have just a simple white line to ski on like the video shows, but in the end I decided to flesh out the landscape a bit more while at the same time keeping in minimal. I recreated the trees and and made the landscape solid white.  (with a slight sky-color tint).

Just Ski development is complete.  I'm currently working marketing material and when that's done I'll do some beta testing and then release the game.  

So, what about Diver?  I'm actually really chomping at the bit to get back to Diver.  I think it has a lot of potential to stand out.

I mentioned earlier that I've been struggling to find a direction to take Diver. While I'd love to do a full-blown version of the game with all (well, most) my ideas included, I realistically just don't have the time. So, for now, I'm going to create a more minimal version of Diver. I don't have it all fleshed out, but my hope is by keeping it minimal I can actually finish it this decade. :-)

I'm not going to promise more frequent blog posts (I will try though...), but I am going to post more dev progress to Twitter and Facebook so if you want to follow along:

Me on Twitter
Me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.